Ray is an Australian artist based in Sydney, born in Zimbabwe and immigrated to Australia in 1981. Painting and drawing was a passion from an early age, and the first art prize received  (The De Beers Art Prize), was in Kimberly at age 12. In 1991 he left a career in computer engineering, enrolling at The Julian Ashton art school  to pursue full time art.

The art journey has been a path from realism through to abstract painting, impressionism installed a sense of freedom and confidence in brush work and the application of Oils and other mediums.

I have exhibited at various galleries in NSW, Queensland and Victoria including Dank st, Wash House, Ronald Coles Investment Gallery, Red Hill Gallery and I am represented in both commercial and private collections in the USA, South Africa and New Zealand. I am in the process of opening the Wellington Gallery in Waterloo Sydney. I am guilty of being a hopeless keeper of records, many images prior to digital photography have been lost.


extracts from "Sydney memoirs" in my blog...

early works...

After arriving in Sydney, artists who influenced me were, Brett Whiteley, John Firth Smith, and Arthur Streeton.

Vincent my cat became an unwilling subject during his annual bath.

a painting journey

come downstairs and help me with that fucking painting quickly, Susan is coming to lunch...

My first exposure to Sydney's art scene was through socialite painter, Patrick Hockey when I rented the top floor of his Sydney residence Carlinford Terrace. Sadly little remains of Patrick's eccentric trompe l'oeil and the stories they bore witness to.

Remnants of the former dining room - Patrick painted the Maharaj of Juipur's portrait on the wall, the tiled floor replaced  a wonderful checkered carpet which had been slightly short under the long dining table, but remedied in typical Hockey fashion by painting an extension to the carpet directly on the old floor boards.

Below - The down stairs living area today - Nothing remains of the "Tea Garden" in the old kitchen and reading room downstairs. Right - One of Patrick's many works painted up at Nindooinbah.

painting around Sydney Harbour...

Many weekends were spent in the NSW gallery, admiring the works of Heidelberg School members, Arthur Streeton in particular. Painting at numerous locations around Sydney Harbour's beautiful shoreline I got a sense of what it must have been like for then to set up camp and paint.