Painting..when to stop

Firstly, you will notice when it comes to creativity, writing is not one of my strong points, so please don't expect the work of a literary genius, besides I am at that age when our vocabulary drops off quickly and we cant remember what we did ten minutes ago. So despite the rather ordinary English, I hope other artists may find this blog informative... here goes.

Often artists, my self included have a problem deciding when to stop working on a painting, and decide if it is finished, This can be harder when the work is derived purely from your imagination or an abstract as is the painting shown. Regardless of the style or genre I think there is a stage in which all artists battle making a decision. This decision may differ for a full time career artist, as too much time spent on a painting may render it no longer commercially viable.

While there are many questions we might ask our selves to conclude the completion of a painting, the one I consider the most important to ask myself is .."IS IT WORKING AS A PAINTING?" The answer is either a simple YES or NO, which leads to WHY?

In order arrive at an answer, I think its important to have the basic knowledge that allows you to critique your own work, to what you consider, is an acceptable level. Seldom is an artist truly ever satisfied with their own work, but that what drives us forward. While painting we can get lost in the task of representing the image we wish to portray, rather than standing back and looking it as a work of art . Often I get lost in silly little details and forget to STAND BACK and look at the painting in its entirety, which can be a costly mistake. In the next Post I list a few questions I ask myself when I have doubts about a painting I am working on, many of these are questions we should ask ourselves when choosing subject matter before we even start the painting....I also explain why I decided to rework the painting above...

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