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All works listed below in the AVAILABLE section are currently for sale, please use Contact on the menu and indicate which artwork you are interested in, email me at rays_oz@hotmail.com,or shop at bluethumb online art gallery (link at top of page) .  If you are interested in updates on available paintings please provide your email and I can put you on the mailing list Payments can be made via Paypal or direct transfer. International shipping is available,

A new abstract version of the Chrysanthemum, vibrant and textured.

Oil on Canvas 45cm by 45cm   Please use CONTACT for payment and shipping details.

A VIEW OUT TO THE HEADS -SYDNEY - with an aircraft carrier docked at Sydney Navel base - bold palette knife work, Heavily textured oil.

Oil on Canvas 45cm by 45cm   Please use CONTACT for payment and shipping details.

Parrot Tulips in a Chinese vase.

A vibrant painting, fairly heavily textured, the focus and detail remain left of center, while the right remains almost at drawing stage, areas are detailed using oil sticks. Oil on Canvas 50cm by 60cm   Please use CONTACT for payment and shipping details.



White Irises ( a large version,of which now is part of a corporate collection) were the first flowers I attempted painting, The rich yellow background often features in my work, and for me is the the colour of optimism. Oil on Canvas 90cm sq




I spent several months helping a friend on his lucerne farm in Scone NSW. I arrived shortly before the end of a long drought. The large infrastructure on the farm was fascinating, as was the ruins of structures and machinery abandoned in the fields. The farm took on a beautiful hue of colours as it settled into twilight. The rains broke the drought a few days after arriving and everything was transformed. Scott's Silos is one in a series of several paintings inspired by the beauty of the farm.

Oil on Canvas - 101cm Square.


The French Photographer

David Onze - Photographer based in Paris

known for his masterful captivating self portraits.

Oil on canvas - 60cm by 50cm.


Autoportraitiste du middle ouest en bustier,imposteur , miroir grossissant , chamane survivant . Je m'appelle David Colin , je suis né en 1976.
J'habite à coté de Paris.
Expositions Bellinzona 2013 Bordeaux 2016 .
Depuis 2013 vente de photos sur demande .




From the "Walk Around Balmain series

WHEN REALISM BECOMES ABSTRACT - A painting of an old wharf siding in Balmain, the steel under-structure painted blue has a drainage pipe showing its age with rust. The number has worn away and the pebbles in the in the aggregate have become polished with wear, The painter was no sign writer, and his spill remains the best preserved of his efforts. 

Mixed Media (acrylic and oil) on canvas - 197cm w by 122 h



Cockatoo Island is a world heritage site and was also the site of one of Australia's biggest shipyards, operating between 1857 and 1991. A wonderful place to paint and often features in my landscape paintings.

Oil on Canvas - 60cm by 30 cm.

The Yellow Bowl - My studio is cluttered with objects that I have collected over the years, one of my favourites being the Yellow Chinese Bowl which has featured in a few of my paintings, a very large version was painted some time ago, this is a smaller impasto version. Oil on Canvas - 46cm by 46cm.


The Bush Fire - I find there is a bush fires strangely beautiful, the ranges of colour created by the smokey haze, blue and dirty ochre and grey, contrasted with the firery reds.

Oil on Canvas 25cm by 30cm


The Kimono Vase - Double late Tulips in a Chinese Vase with two ladies wearing Kimonos in a garden,a tea cup sits behind the vase, painted with loose vibrant strokes.

Oil on canvas - 40cm by 30cm

Nude Study - Oil on canvas - 24cm x 30 cm. Price - $950 AUD Price includes standard shipping. Please use CONTACT for payment and shipping details. Painting is unframed.


South Head - Iconic Sydney Harbour - one of the worlds most beautiful locations to paint, the light is wonderful to explore though the seasons and different times of the day. I find both dawn and dusk the most challenging as contrast is minimal, but often the most rewarding

Oil on canvas 23cm by 13cm.

THE FARM SETTLES -The Lucerne mill grinds down and the chickens peck in the barn as dusk approaches...Tranquility settles over the farm, and I find myself in bed by 9.

Memories of Mungo Scott Farm in Scone.

CATCHING THE LAST RAYS - A large elderly man basks in the fading sunlight, the background details are minimal and the sea dark, the image focuses purely on the light and contrast of his sunburned arms and white chest.

Oil on canvas - 25cm - 30cm.

Coogee Beach always brings back memories from the eighties for me, as far as I recall there was a small public Gym at the top of the hill, full of old rusty bar-bells and the stairs led down to the tidal pool at the base of the cliff.

Just Sold

About four years ago I went up to Scone and spent about 4 months on the Mungo Scott property, although dry at the time when I arrived the rains followed me from Sydney and Scone was soon turning green and the creeks started filling up once again...

Oil on canvas 50cm by 60cm. The painting comes unframed.

riental Lilies


Oriental Lilies - Often I paint what is in the studio, the painting of the lilies was done essentially from with the items in the foreground - The Lilies in the glass vase sitting on the chest.

Oil on canvas - 122cm sq.



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